sábado, 25 de enero de 2014

Random pictures.

         Taken during my manyfold rambles as a solo excursionist. There we go!

Old barn and straw loft

St. George's flag on top of the church tower

Carboot sale: British greatest invention

One of those oddities I came across from time to time.

Narrow boats in Bath's channel

Typical traffic sign

Huts by the sea

Sneaked in a private anglers' pond

Somewhere in Hampshire


Landscape in Wiltshire.

... And finally, this was my fellow traveller without which my experience there would have been nowhere near as interesting as it was:

My Super Micra.

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  1. Qué chulas! Podes estar orgullosa do ano ben aproveitado que pasache aqui. muuuak. R.

  2. Pois xa sabes... ¡Exprime ben a experiencia mentras dure! Que nunca vas facer tanto turismo tan baratamente. Unha aperta grande e moita sorte nesa nova etapa! Bikiñossss


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